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Who We Are

Trinity is a business process improvement focused company that assists clients in achieving improvements in service, efficiency and quality. Companies do not have the time, energy or people for long, drawn out projects. We specialize in quickly driving projects from concept to implementation.

Our Mission

Work with our clients to improve their efficiency, increase service levels and upgrade the quality of their output

Our Methods

Business process improvement is at the core of all that we do. In conjunction with helping businesses redefine their processes, we compliment that with application development. We don't just say here's a better way to do it, we build the supporting applications to ensure our client's success.

Our Commitment

Integrity leads the way and right behind that is a passion for understanding your business and living it with you day in and day out. You will not find a better combination of total overall value than what we bring to the table.

What We Do

Trinity has been one of the top QuickBase Solution Providers for over 10 years. We excel at working with our clients to build the exact solution they need. As we say; “If you can define it, we can build it.” Web based or mobile based, we leverage the QuickBase platform so companies can manage simple to very complex business processes.


Trinity has developed a set of QuickBase tools that many clients have come to rely on, including:

Our Team

Trinity has put together a top notch team that has one goal in mind;
client satisfaction with all aspects of our engagement.


  • Scott Burday

    Scott Burday
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    Charles Guilbert
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    Marc Quarles
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    Ryan Schraufnagel
    Sports Maniac
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    Josh Marsh

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    Ben Simmons
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    Jeff Cravener
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    Matt Thompson
    Rails Conductor
  • Christi Snaufer2
    Christi Snaufer
    American Girl
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    Katie Burday
    Data Diva

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    Tiffany Lynn-McLarty
    Data Gal
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    Lynn Deffenbaugh
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    Ron Couts
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  • Ranee Skinner
    Ranee Skinner


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